Friday, December 13, 2013

When Google Glass was first announced I was extremely fascinated with the technology and wondered what the implications of it were. Like everyone that was excited about the announcement I went to the Glass website and told them what I would do with Glass if I was given the chance to get a pair. This was done with a grain of salt because I knew the world was practically making their case and the program was extremely limited. Well, that as well as the fact that there was a $1500 price tag attached to the early release device which would make anyone cringe.

Now, lets fast forward a year. I was recently offered the chance to receive an invite to the explorer program thanks to some organizers at the Google Developers meet up I attend every once in a while. Once the time came in which they sent me the email practically saying "give me your money" I jumped at the chance and now, I am a Glass Explorer! Being a prototype device I have to admit that it is extremely advanced, from its bone conducting speaker to the handful of versatile voice commands. More than wearing it myself I like showing it to people in hopes of spreading a little awareness to break down the many phobias you tend to read about in recent news. Being a programmer I'm also trying to think of what I could experiment with to see how flexible it is. I haven't walked around with it in public just yet because I don't want to be labeled "that guy" but I predict that will change soon.

Playing darts while wearing glass.
The first photo I took with Glass at the Glass studio in NYC


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